How To Beat Online Slots

Beating Online Slots Requires Discipline, Money Management, Bonuses And A Little Luck Too! Find Out How To Maximize Your Returns Here

Beating Online Slots One of the biggest advantages of playing online slots is that the payout percentages are much higher than the physical machines you'll find in brick and mortar casinos. Most online casino slots will have payout percentages of 90% or more, with the best online slots paying out up to 96%. This article outlines key tips and strategy considerations for players wanting to know how to beat online slots.

Beating Online Slots requires you to beat the built-in edge, to do this you will require discipline, money management, bonuses and of course a bit of luck. You will need to choose the most profitable games too – which will involve avoiding the progressive jackpot slots which take an extra percentage to grow the jackpot with each spin.

How To Beat Online Slots – Discipline Is Key!

Discipline and self-control are vital if you are going to beat casino slots in the short or medium term. Firstly, you need to know when to walk away and bank a win. Many players win a great cash payout, then spend the next hours giving it all back!! Discipline to bank a good proportion of your win will see you come out ahead when this happens.

You also need to be disciplined with becoming frustrated and angry should you hit a bad run, many online slots players have upped the stakes in a bid to get even when they could not afford to lose the money – make sure you do not make this error!

Knowing the machine you are playing is another form of disciplined play. Playing for higher stakes in a new game before you know the details of how to maximize profits from bonus rounds can potentially cost you dearly. Play for free or small stakes while you learn the nuances of a new machine to help beat those online slots.

How To Beat Online Slots – Money Management

How To Beat Online SlotsPlaying only with 'money you can afford to lose' should be already ingrained into any casino player's psyche. This is key to beating online slot machines, where the number of lines and ease of increasing stakes can see your money disappear fast.

Rational players know not to risk too much of their total bankroll in a single session, to bank a proportion of wins before giving it back, to have a stop-loss in place for those times the reels go against you and to ensure that you take advantage of as many bonuses and promotional offers as possible.

How To Beat Online Slots – Taking Advantage Of Bonuses And Promotions

With so many casino bonuses available, it makes no sense at all to play without taking full advantage of these. Of course, savvy players know that the biggest headlines do not always equate to the best bonus – some being difficult to clear or having multiple restrictions. We have listed the best bonuses for slots fans at the online casinos which have the very best collections of online slots, every casino below comes with our personal seal of approval – check them out today and give those slots winnings a timely bonus boost!

Liberty Slots Casino: Players looking for a well established and trusted brand should look no further than the Liberty Slots Casino – who have maintained their position as one of the biggest and best since 1997! Liberty Slots welcome US players, and have bonuses and games to keep even the most choosy players happy. You can find out for yourself what makes players so loyal to this casino by checking out Liberty Slots for yourself now!

How To Beat Online Slots

Lucky Red Casino: A hugely popular choice, who distinguish themselves from the crowd with great graphics and fast, slick animations. Lucky Red welcome US and worldwide gamers and offer a huge selection of games. Bonuses are also a positive feature at Lucky Red, new players get up to $777 matched to start – followed by weekly, weekend and special bonuses for as long as they play at this leading casino. We think you will notice the difference – check out Lucky Red Casino now to see.

How To Beat Online Slots


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